UK Rap

Slowthai drops new track and video “Polaroid”

slowthai polaroid

Here at The Reload Slowthai is one of our favourite artists on the UK scene, grabbing our attention (and everyone else’s) with last years banger “T N Biscuits”. Since then Slowthai has hit us with an EP and followed it up this year with a steady stream of singles and videos. Alongside his dark bars and savage delivery, these videos are one of the things that have propelled the young rapper into one of my top 3 at the moment. March’s video for “North Nights” is beautifully creepy and shows how seriously Slowthai takes his art, a throwback to videos of old that were a homage to and continuation of the creative process, rather than an opportunity for artists to stunt on camera and try to gain some social media traction. North Nights instead is presented like a short film, with a perfectly selected soundtrack, its dark and threatening filled with references to classic horror films such as A Clockwork Orange and Psycho.

Slowthai continues in a similar vein with new video “Polaroid”, which opens with a suitably disturbing scene of him unwrapping bloodied bandages from his face to reveal joker like scars around his mouth, before he cracks a cheesy smile and staggers out of the hospital with his gown still on. All this accompanied by him blaring out the hook in his unmistakable voice “Kodak moment, Polaroid picture, shake it yeah”. Then the minimalist beat drops with a thumping bassline backed by kicks and snares and supported by a treble melody reminiscent of jump-scare thrillers. The video itself is a peak into how the young man is dealing with the trappings of fame, showing cameras flashing at him in various contexts before he finally loses patience. Still, his bars show that he is full of confidence (as he should be, the video has racked up 13 000 views in just 6 hours), stating that he doesn’t need friends old or new cah “man a gonna do it on my ones” and he’s been in the studio “like a hermit/enthusiams can’t curb it”. So hopefully, we’ll have some more Slowthai on the way very very soon!

Catch the video here and let us know what you think.

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