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EP Review: Calculated Outcomes

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Calculated Outcomes is a collaboration between Brixton beat maker srigala and south east London lyricist EERF EVIL. I hadn’t heard of either of these two artists before my music streaming service recommended me the second track on the project, ‘Passion and Will’, but after hearing it I had to check out the LP. The track itself is a lo-fi joint on which EERF croons the daily routine of many young people in the UK, “one day I’ll make it rain like wedding spray and confetti/but for now I’m writing rhymes drinking pints on the settee”. Yet this isn’t merely a young man wallowing in his reality, but a reflection on the balance between work and play that we’re all trying to find. Spitting the line “tryna focus on the future cos the past had its time/and even if I could I wouldn’t try and rewind” it’s clear that EERF has a vision of where he wants to go.


The fifth track, like ‘Passion and Will’, features Elisa Imperilee, a long-time collaborator of Srigala. Titled ‘Calling’ the hook goes “But when that money calling I need to bounce/Still tryna get pounds/some get it by the ounce/some might get it through sound”. It’s a beautifully put together track that highlights EERF’s skilful storytelling whilst Imperilee’s vocals perfectly complement the silky smooth production. Woven in to the plot about his girl and his spending habits is the voice of an artist who is determined to make a go of doing what he loves commercially.


As the album progresses so do to the artists, transitioning accomplishedly from melodic lo-fi production and lackadaisical flow to a trap-like rhythm propelled by hi-hats and snares on ‘See Us Live’. The track is an anthem for urban youth, perfectly encapsulating the I don’t give a fuck attitude that comes with being young and ambitious, whether that’s ‘getting pissed’ in mud-stained kicks or tryna “get the money then dip”. The track is a welcome lift in what is a very relaxed, blaze the days away kind of project, and spotlights the talents of the two artists.


The first track ‘Summer Breeze contains the line “I’m tryna paint you a picture so you can see through my eyes” and the album truly does paint a picture of life in the bits. It’s reflective throughout the experiences of a young guy tryna make a buck and the struggles that come from this, whether that be the lures of alcohol or the temptation to try to make a quick profit the wrong way. The overall feel is melancholic, with EERF spitting lines such as “Lost some things I love in the name of profit” and “Pedal to the metal till we burn out”, illustrating the disillusion many young people feel with the daily grind of life that benefits few but big corporations. Still, the best moments come when EERFs seemingly natural optimism shine through, none more so than on the hook of the track that initially drew me in “Hopefully we’ll find the difference through our passion and will”.

Check out the EP on soundcloud and let us know what you think in the comments.

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