Compa’s seismic new DEEP MEDI release weighs in



Since his unveiling of CPA Records late last year, Compa has been putting in work. His label’s first release No Hype/ In Check – sporting Footsie of Newham Generals – laid down a sinister A-side dub, whilst the deep and brooding reverse cloaked the record in glorious darkness. The second E.P, ‘Key Man’s Car’ released in February, brought a contrast to the Lancastrian’s style – employing unique samples whilst peppering his rhythms with modulated reverb. His ability to shift between different sounds and integrate grimy samples with hard-hitting 808s has undoubtedly contributed to the variety of the genre as it has reblossomed. The sheer bass weight exercised by Compa in the past six months has finally culminated in his long awaited release on Mala’s infamous label. It did not disappoint.

The raw, bludgeoning power of the title track immediately kicks in. Compas’ unmistakable bassline seems to slip out of a sub-woofer to grace one’s ears with its low frequencies. Whilst this beast is at work, a delicate chime and hi hat resonate in the background – complementing the deep reverb. As the track progresses a watery synth is introduced to complete the haunting element of the rhythm. This will be certainly one to hear in the dance – sure to grace even the mightiest of sound systems. On the flip, we are treated to a trap-like style that Compa has been developing since his Terrorhythm release in December last year. Before listening to the track, expecting classic deep 808s – be warned – only a skeleton of that style remains. Hallucinogen has been moulded into a much rougher form with the bassline distorted into relentless hits. The elements that really stand out of this track, however, are the metallic chimes and razor sharp claps. You can’t help imagining the bassline tapping on its prison cell bars.

It’s the 3rd track on this record that really releases something special. The track is aptly named Commandment – and it can only be described as an apocalyptic war dance. A tribal bongo rhythm combined with echoing waves of bells opens the track. As it builds, a haunting moan lurches in, followed by a roll of thunder and bass. The nightmarish kick drum rhythm combined with the vocal sample gives a feeling of unease that would make any enemy scarper. If Mala’s anti-war dub were to have an antithesis – this is the track. Compa has pulled a feat of legendary proportions here. We very much look forward to bowing our heads to this mighty piece of wax.

Listen here


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