UK Rap

NEW VIDEO: YC – ‘Feet Up’

We’ve been very gassed for this one after YC Costa and his team have been teasing it for the last few weeks. The Queens Park rapper, who goes by YC, didn’t disappoint as he just hit us with one of the tracks of the summer so far, ‘Feet Up’. The visuals from SP_visuals, shot in a graffed up carpark and on the roof of a London block are the perfect complement to the track, which represents a mastery of the London ‘afrobeats’ sound. The production is vibrant and clean, with a bounce to the beat that makes it perfect for a summer shubz, whilst the delivery is smooth enough that the track will slide easily into the ‘chill’ playlist on your favourite streaming service. Check out the video released on GRM above, and expect big things to come from YC in the future!

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