LoFi, UK Hip Hop

New Artist: Youssy

Up and coming London rapper and producer Youssy first came onto our radar when he released his first single Tide last year. His gentle tone and on point lyricism rested on a muffled grand piano loop effortlessly whilst a tenor sax cut through the sample to give the track an old school Miles Davis Blue in Green vibe. Having heard this, we waited in anticipation for the next track he had in the works. Youssy carries himself well in this second record, a moody and introspective piece where he questions his own direction – ’What am I chattin’ bout’ and ‘double life’ whilst giving a detailed picture as to an alternative path ‘behind a desk that will make me go insane’ in contrast to being ‘behind a mic, letting it go, letting it spray.’ The production, again, follows a simple piano loop – giving the track a hollow, acapella feel. Fans of low-fi hip-hop will certainly enjoy both tracks and we look forward to hearing more from Youssy as he continues to find his sound.

Make sure you check out the video , released Monday 18th March. Audio Below.

Insta: @youssy_bse 

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